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Spring Special

Free Safety Inspection & Hardware Replacement

(For Seasonal Dock Systems)

Dock Maintenance: Services
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Dock Repairs

Seasoned or Damaged Dock Recovery

(Free Onsite Estimates)

Specializing in repairing docks of all types and sizes. Our skilled team handles everything from minor fixes to major renovations, ensuring sturdy and reliable structures. With a commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, we deliver efficient service and long-lasting results

Seasonal Dock Maintenance

Spring Special

Free Safety Inspection & Hardware Replacement

Dock Styles: Aluminum Pipe Dock & Floating Dock 

Service Area: From the NH & ME Seacoast areas to the NH lakes regions and everywhere in between.

Our Service: We guarantee all docks will be plumb, level, & safe after installation. In the autumn we take the time to inspect all bracing, welds, and supports to prevent any unexpected issues going into the following season.

Give us a call today at 603-265-1851 to be added to next seasons schedule. 

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